Lil Texans on the Go

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About Us

Who is Lil Texans on the Go?

  • We are a husband and wife team who have raised our kids.

  • We run a small daycare from our home.

  • We provide a safe and loving environment for the children.

  • We love to see kids being kids and that is what we are about.

  • We, and our staff, are all CPR and first aid certified.

  • All staff members are background checked before hiring.

  • We not only provide childcare at events, but we also provide concessions, face painting, toddler play parties, nerf war parties and more.

What We Offer For Childcare

Thank you for inquiring about Lil Texans On The Go's service

  • Let me tell you how it works. Lil Texans On The Go will come to your event and set up either in the Grooms room, Brides room or an extra room on location when not in use. It takes us about an hour or so to set up so no children will be allowed in the room while we are setting up. We will bring giant games like waffle blocks, Legos, connect 4 and more depending on the space we must use and the number of children that will be in attendance.

  • When children arrive, parents will fill out a form for their children and children will be given a name badge. Parents can sign their children in and out only if the couple allows children in the reception.

  • We can bring playpens, bouncers etc. if infants will be in attendance.

  • The children 2 to 13 years old will get to paint a wooden craft to take home (we put big shirts on the children and plastic where we need to) and bring our own tables.

  • All children 6 weeks to 13 years old will also receive a boredom bag with a story book and other goodies based on their age and whether they are a boy or girl.

  • We also take the first letter of the new last name, get the kids fingerprint and name then we give this to the couple or host as a keepsake. The boredom bags & the keepsake letter is what the retainer goes towards and is due at the contract signing.

  • The retainer depends on the number of kids you will have in attendance. Then Saturday, the week before your event, it's $35 a child for ages 2 to 13 and $45 for children under 2 years old.

  • Lil Texans On The Go's service is based on 4 hours, but extra hours can be added for an additional fee of $10 per hour for ages 2 to 13 per child and $15 an hour for under 2 years old per hour per child.